Kohlrabi Apple and Citrus Slaw

If you spend anytime at the farmers market in the summer chances are you have seen or at least heard of kohlrabi. A member of the Brassica family these odd looking veggies pack the similar nutrition to other brassica such as brussel sprouts, cabbage and broccoli. It is an excellent source of vitamin C a powerful antioxidant which protects our body from stress and inflammation. It is also a good source of vitamin B6 and potassium. Kohlrabi as well is a great source of fiber with a single cup providing 17% of your daily intake

Kohlrabi tastes similar to the stem of a broccoli or a sweeter more mild cabbage with a more similar texture to an apple. It can eaten both raw or cooked. The leaves of a young kohlrabi can be added to salad or can be sautéed like mustard greens or chard. And the bulb of the kohlrabi itself just needs to be peeled and can be sliced thin and eaten raw (as in the recipe below) or it tastes great roasted like any other root vegetable.

When choosing kohlrabi at your local farmers market or grocery store always try and buy organic. Choose one with the leaves on as the leaves wilt faster then the bulb and are therefore a good indicator of freshness. You also want to look for a firm heavy feeling rather then squishy and light another indicator of freshness.

In this recipe I paired thinly sliced kohlrabi and green apple. and combined it with a delicious citrus dressing its is healthy, light and the perfect summer side salad.


1 kohlrabi, peeled and julienned

1 granny smith apple, peeled and julienned

For the Dressing

1/2 cup of Olive Oil

juice and zest from 1/2 a orange

juice and zest from 1/2 a lemon

juice and zest from 1/2 a lime

1 tsp salt

small handful of parsley, chopped

small handful of cilantro, chopped

1 tbsp rice wine vinegar


Dressing: combine juices, zest, vinegar and salt in a bowl and combine. while whisking add oil until emulsified. add herbs. tastes and adjust flavour if needed

in a large bowl combine apple and kohlrabi slowly pour dressing over salad and mix. note this recipe makes a lot of dressing and you will have left over. store in jar in the fridge for up to a week

let salad sit for a few minutes (approx. 10) before serving for flavors to combine

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