Rainbow Bowl and Bowl Making 101

Bowls are one of my favorite things to make (and eat). I love that you can mix the whole thing up and combine all the flavors or eat everything one by one. These are great to make for anyone in a rush, as items can be prepped in advance and thrown into the bowl when needed. For my Rainbow bowl the base is salad greens and turmeric quinoa and it is topped with shiitake mushrooms, roasted carrots, asparagus and purple sweet potato as well as some cilantro micro greens.

Make your own bowl, mix it up with new flavors or old favorites you love.

Some tips when making bowls

  • Color is your friend: color means antioxidants, and nutrients add as much as possible to your bowl

  • Be mindful of your base and bowl size: having a base of grains and a large bowl can quickly create a too large portion size without you even knowing. I love to use a big bowl so I add greens as my base then a scoop of the gains I am using on top

  • Mix flavors and textures: sweet, salty, tart and spicy. crunchy and raw or roasted, warm and chewy having a variety of texture and flavor is one of the best things about eating bowls

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