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by jessica mcquoid


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Nutritional Consultations

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Cooking Classes 

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Healing Plans

Let's work one on one. We will work together to achieve your optimal health. Creating a health partnership .

One-on-one or small group cooking classes. Learn to make delicious food that's also going to nourish your body or just refresh your go to meals.

Coming Soon - Check out our online shop for online Holistic Health Plans focusing on Balancing Hormones, Sports Nutrition, Digestive Health and Improving Immune Function.

Image by Brooke Lark
Community Engagement
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Cookbooks & Recipe Development

I'm passionate about food and that means I'm passionate about equal food access for all. Good quality food is a human right and access to culturally appropriate foods are essential to our physical and mental health.

Coming Soon - Check out the recipe section of the website for free recipes to try and home and check out the online store for upcoming mini and full length cookbooks.

Healthy toast toppings

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Organic Vegetables





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