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Nutritional Consultations involve a minimum of 2 sessions. In the initial consultation we will discuss your health through a holistic and comprehensive assessment, looking at your food preferences, intolerances and allergies, your current diet, physical and mental health profile, current lifestyle and much more. We will also discuss your goals and the changes you wish to achieve. By our second session I will design a nutrition plan that supports your needs and goals to achieve optimal health.  

The goal in nutritional coaching is to then to support you through the plan that has been created. Adjusting your plan to suit lifestyle or health changes, sharing recipes or anything else you need. As a coach I want to support you and work as a partner to help you achieve your health and wellbeing goals. 

Roasted Cauliflower Salad
Fall Salad


Cooking is a passion of mine and many people don't share that passion because they get overwhelmed in the it kitchen. The kitchen should be a place for fun and for creativity. My cooking classes are meant to inspire you in the kitchen. Whether you are learning the basics to healthy-delicious cooking or your a kitchen pro and you want to expand your repertoir, we have the class for you. 


Availble in group or private. Virtual and now back in person!  


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Nutritional Consultations

Let's work one on one. We will work together to achieve your optimal health. Creating a health partnership .

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Cooking Classes 

One-on-one or small group cooking classes. Learn to make delicious food that's also going to nourish your body or just refresh your go to meals.

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Healing Plans

Coming Soon - Check out our online shop for online Holistic Health Plans focusing on Balancing Hormones, Sports Nutrition, Digestive Health and Improving Immune Function.

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Community Engagement

I'm passionate about food and that means I'm passionate about equal food access for all. Good quality food is a human right and access to culturally appropriate foods are essential to our physical and mental health.

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Cookbooks & Recipe Development

Coming Soon - Check out the recipe section of the website for free recipes to try and home and check out the online store for upcoming mini and full length cookbooks.

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  • Optimizing Digestive Health through Diet
    Optimizing Digestive Health through Diet
    Coming Soon! A webinar focusing on how you can optimize your digestion (the key to your health) through the foods you eat. I will be sharing recipes and tips on how to improve digestive health
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